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Tungsten carbide scraper

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Material: sintered tungsten carbide + 6% cobalt (1 micron powder)

Grade Equal to ISO Category Number Performance Applications
Density Bend Strength Hardness
G/Cm3 N/mm2 HRA
TCС6-EF K10/K20 14.7-15.0 1274 ≥90.5 Qualified for fine turning and half-fine turning when cast iron, chilled cast iron, alloy cast iron, refractory steel, alloy steel, tempered steels and some marks of corrosion-proof high-strength and heat resisting steels and alloys, especially alloys on the basis of the titan, tungsten and molybdenum, non-ferrous metal, alloys as well as non-alloy materials cutting consecutively.


N size B size L Note
1 30 15 2 working side
2 15 30 2 working side
3 20 25 2 working side
4 25 30 2 working side
5 30 25 2 working side
6 25 30 4 working side
Carbide scraper Carbide scraper dimensions
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